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Immigration Law

Immigration Law 

CROWN & LAW SOLICITORS provide expert advice in all areas of Immigration and Asylum Law. In cases of Immigration swift action is always paramount because there are time limits on most applications and appeals. Our wealth of knowledge in assisting individuals and businesses will provide you with practical and sound legal advice on both complex and straightforward immigration cases to ensure a smooth process.

CROWN & LAW SOLICITORS provide legal advice across the whole range of immigration & Asylum law issues including the following:

For Individuals

  • Points Based System (PBS) Tier 1 applications: Highly Skilled Migrant, Investors, Entrepreneurs
  • PBS Tier 2: Work permit applications, Intra-company transfers, Sportsperson & Minister of Religion
  • PBS Tier 4: Student visas applications & extensions as well as student dependant applications.
  • Family Unions (spouse/partner, children, fiancé (e), grandparents and other dependent relatives)
  • Extensions of stay & Indefinite Leave applications in any of the above categories
  • Visitors: Family, Academic, Sports, Entertainment, Business, Private Medical Treatment, Marriage, Prospective student & Transit
  • EEA and Family Members Applications
  • British Citizenship and nationality applications and issues
  • Long Residence Application – 10 year continuous lawful residence in United Kingdom
  • Long Residence Applications – 14 year continuous ‘unlawful’ residence in the United Kingdom.
  • Immigration appeals
  • Human Rights applications and appeals
  • Asylum applications and Appeals
  • Detention advice and Bail applications
  • Judicial Review Applications

For Businesses and Education providers:

  • Business visitors and EEA posted workers
  • PBS Tier 2: Work permit applications, Intra-company transfers, Sportsperson & Minister of Religion
  • Certificates of sponsorship/confirmation of acceptance for study and entry clearance/leave to remain applications (tiers 2, 4 and 5)
  • Education sector services including sponsor licence suspension/withdrawal challenges
  • Illegal working issues, UKBA raids and other emergencies
  • Sponsor licence applications, assessments and maintenance
  • Tier 5 Intern Scheme
  • Training and general advisory services (for HR, senior management, board level etc)


Employment Law


CROWN & LAW SOLICITORS appreciate that Employment Law can be a challenging area for both Employers and Employees alike.

"Employment law can be complicated, and few people have a clear idea of all their rights at work. If you think your employer has treated you unfairly, it is important to get legal advice at the earliest opportunity."  Read the Law Society's Guide to problems at work - click here to download the leaflet.

If you think your employer is treating you unfairly for whatever reason it is important that you seek legal advice as soon as possible. Our employment law team is able to advise you on all aspects of employment law including the following:


For Individuals



For Businesses

  • Drafting of Contracts of Employment, Handbooks, and Policies
  • Advising on the recruitment process
  • Grievance and Disciplinary issues
  • Dismissals
  • Redundancies
  • Defending discrimination claims
  • Business Restructuring
  • Transfer of undertakings and change of service provision
    (TUPE) issues
  • Pension and equal pay Issues
  • Employment-related tax issues
  • Defending Employment Tribunal Claims



Crown & Law Solicitors have considerable experience in dealing with all aspects of the employment law as outlined above.




Crown & Law Solicitors also offers services in Family Law, Landlord & Tenant, Company & Commercial Law, Charities and Debt Collection.

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